Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Past the holidays

Hope everyone had a good holiday season. To me though, it makes January even more blah than it is; after several weeks of excitement, anticipation and days off, we now have ... nothing. Just cold and bills. And for me, the crud.

It was an interesting holiday time around the Doghouse. Of course, we didn't get to do everything we planned to do, but that's par for the course. Both Sweet Pea and Little Man are loving Upward, and we get back started with it this week. Sweet Pea has been the quiet, non-involved child for most of her life; it's interesting to see her not only cheering but being the loudest one out there. It's showing up in other areas too, as she's loosening up around home as well (not so worried about what we might think). She even grabbed her guitar and lip-synched to "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" during the break (and, naturally, when I grabbed the camcorder, it was out of tape).

Little Man, still eaten up with sports, has loved bowl season and is still in full Who Dat mode going into the playoffs.

Lil Bit still comes up with stuff. Got a note Monday from her teacher saying she wasn't following directions in line; when asked about it, she looked at me and said "But I was the leader today" as if that answered everything.

We went to New Orleans over the holidays for Celebration in the Oaks, etc. Don't know what she was dreaming about one night while we were there, but she woke up screaming in the middle of the night. When we got to her and asked about it, she said "Baby Jesus tickled my booty!"