Thursday, April 29, 2010

April showers

Guess it's time to get my monthly post up before time runs out!

Still dealing with issues from before, along with other things that have come up. In addition, today is the anniversary of my mom's death, so that's weighed over me, on top of another friend dying last week.

Little Man's baseball season is in full swing. Unfortunately, it's going the same as last year did. After a nail-biting first game, we've fallen further and further back - tonight we lost by 20. I really want to see him leave the field a winner this year, even if it is just once. I also want him to walk on the field feeling like his team has a chance. Heck, the Royals beat the Yankees once in a while, why can't his team win?

Sweet Pea is fired up about the middle school band. We're still on the hunt for a clarinet. She's always been someone who never wanted to do anything - but would complain that she's never involved in anything. Upward cheerleading was great for her and I'm hoping she's able to jump in with both feet with the band stuff. Middle school will be an adjustment, this could give her something to hold onto and to help her find friends.

Lil Bit has had an interesting month. She gets more and more feisty each day! Sometimes though, she's a little too eager to jump into things - like when she grabbed the lawn mower last week right after it was turned off. She grabbed the exhaust, which led to a trip to the emergency room and the burn center. Second-degree burns on her hand. She's bounced back pretty well, considering, but still favors it a bit at times (understandably).

It doesn't stop her from coming up with stuff though, like this morning when Mom was getting her dressed. Purple and pink have been her favorite colors since, well, forever. Mom was putting a pink outfit on her and asked her how she liked wearing one of her favorite colors. She replied that her favorite colors were now brown and white. When asked why, she replied "Because I want chocolate milk."

I know some of y'all are going through rough times too - I'm praying for you.