Monday, February 22, 2010

At home

Lil Bit did not have a good night last night. Mom was out of town too, so it was on me to take care of her, while balancing the others as well. I'm home with her right now, just in case. She probably could have gone in today, but I wasn't sure, and didn't see the point in taking her in just to turn around and have to pick her up again if my concerns were true.

If Iask her how she's feeling, she's good - unless she senses I'm up to something. Then she'll screw her face up and say "I feewing bad again" and hold her tummy.


Little Man tickled me a while back. He was working on homework (he had to find different shapes in the paper and magazines) and was having trouble finding one shape. He eventually called me in and announced in an excited voice that he had found the shape he needed. He then held up an ad with a very curvy underwear model to show me that he had indeed found a triangle. He never did figure out why his mom said he couldn't use that one.


  1. ROTFL @Little Man! hope Lil Bit is feewing better

  2. I would have let him use it! =) Hey, sometimes you get what you ask for - the teacher should expect it!

    Hope Lil Bit's tummy is "feewing" better soon!

  3. hope she doesn't have the flu. the diva went to the doctor on monday, and they confirmed H1N1 swine, she has an ear infection.

    i will say a prayer that it skips your house!!! xoxo